trust women- Melita White

Trust Women. Women are all kinds of wonderful. Here’s my latest poem on Whisper and the Roar collective.

Whisper and the Roar

trust women
for they know things
like how to listen
and how to draw you out
they help you feel normal
for committing the mistakes
a normal woman makes
they help you reveal
all the shame
you learnt to conceal
long ago

trust women
to tell you the hard truth
show you new perspectives
reveal back to you
your world
one that is
clearer, fairer and kinder
or harsher, meaner, more unjust —
whichever the case may be

trust women
to protect you
beyond their professional duties
they might slip in a phrase or two
that is more sage or friendly
than it ought to be
and if you listen carefully
you will hear it
and if you choose to
you can heed it

trust women
the covert coven of women
dispersed secret members
initiated unknowingly at birth
a network of wisdom
an underground rail-road
of waiting women
ready to…

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I’m always walking on eggshells
Those of dead baby birds
The tiny hollow fragile ones
And those cracked wide open
Corpse-blue and freckled
Weighing less than a breath
Having fallen from the nest
Pushed out by a careless mother
Or stolen by a raven
Seized away in curled claws
Then dropped, yolk splattered
Potential snuffed out by a predator

People are kind

People are kind
Sometimes those
You know very little
Or not at all
Are kinder than kin
Warmer than those you were born to
Wiser than their age
They courageously cross barriers
Face their own vulnerability
To offer you help
Because they care

People are kind
Like the woman in the stairwell
Who stopped to touch my shoulder
And with furrowed brow and concern
Asked: “are you ok?”
Because I dabbed at my eyes
Her kindness moved me
I felt like I mattered to a stranger Read more

This unbroken ring of solid gold

When you think about her know this:
never doubt she remains unbroken.
She knows of your iniquitous ring,
the circle you move in of
characters unsound, not solid.
Do not trust those who wear teeth of gold.

But on her hand a band of gold
fits snugly to finger and symbolises this:
a perdurable self-bond with tenure so solid
it remains forever unbroken.
Until her lungs shed their last sigh of
life, she will wear this one true ring. Read more

flotsam jetsam

When your constellation is not as it seems
it should be; like
it is for others, who speak of us and we
but don’t include me. Yet together they are
aimless, like flotsam drifting
on pulsing wavelets, further and further
out into the vast nothingness and
forever into the further
until it all breaks apart

…seems like we are drifting further and further apart.

Stressed Self

Stressed Self tells me what’s wrong in dots and dashes in cryptic code in cravings of body that reveal mother tongue of panic

Stressed Self lacks control is powerless because the future is a vortex of overwhelm a cataclysm of bastard men and their bitches and it is terrifying

Stressed Self eats half a Snickers a whole packet of English crisps a choc-mint icecream too many noodles and drinks four cups of tea all in one day Read more