Feminist Confessional Instagram account

Are you on Instagram and enjoy my spoken word poems? If so, come follow the Feminist Confessional Instagram account! My shorter poetry readings have been quite popular in the new Reels section of Instagram. Come have a look. Click on this link to access my account, or search for @feministconfessional within the app.

As the World Burns, a new anthology from Indieblu(e) Publishing

This is me with my copy of As the World Burns by Indie Blu(e) Publishing, which arrived, somewhat miraculously for these times, in only a week from the UK. I’m so proud! I have three poems in this awesome anthology. You can buy a copy at Amazon or Book Depository. Please support indie writers, publishers and artists and purchase a copy of this important historical document of these challenging times.

New Anthology: As the World Burns

It has been an absolutely chaotic and challenging year, from the bushfires in Australia through to a terrifying and deadly global pandemic and ongoing political unrest and upheaval in the United States. Indie Blu(e) Publishing has produced an amazing anthology for these times. As the World Burns: Writers and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad brings together the work of 114 writers and artists reflecting on these intensely chaotic times.

It is both a story of survival and an act of resistance. “We speak with many voices, to the damage wrought in these violent, fevered months. Let us never forget or turn away, from what is just, what is necessary, to keep light alive in this world.”

(As the World Burns amazon.com product description)

Three of my poems have been published in this anthology. To read them, alongside the work of 113 other gifted writers and artists, please purchase a copy at Book Depository, or at Amazon.

iamb wave four

Photos of twenty poets featured in iamb wave four

iamb is the brainchild of poet Mark Antony Owen and is, in his own words, “part library of poets, part quarterly journal[…] ‘iamb’ is where established and emerging talents are showcased side by side. Not just their words, but their readings of them.”

November 1 saw the launch of iamb wave four, a collection of 60 poems by 20 living poets. The poems appear in both written form and as audio recordings, alongside profiles of each poet.

I was lucky enough to be included in iamb’s fourth wave, along with some very qualified, published and awarded poets. As a fledgling, self-taught poet, I feel particularly honoured to be part of wave four of iamb.

To read and listen to the recordings of my three poems and view my iamb profile, click here. You can check out the rest of wave four here, and while you’re at iamb, please do explore the previous waves of poets featured there. Mark also has a dedicated section on his SoundCloud channel of all the iamb audio recordings, if you prefer to listen to your poetry.

iamb is a wonderful poetry project and repository, and has been beautifully curated, styled and presented by Mark Antony Owen. Please do take the time to visit it.

(iamb image courtesy of Mark Antony Owen – used with permission)

New anthologies We Will Not Be Silenced and You Are Not Your Rape give voice to survivors of sexual assault

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m a contributing writer in both of these necessary and timely anthologies, both recently published in print and e-book. Two of my poems can be found in We Will Not Be Silenced, published by Indie Blu(e), and my creative nonfiction piece Not Quite Here Yet is in You Are Not Your Rape, published by Rhythm & Bones Press.

Both anthologies give a vital voice to survivors of sexual assault and include poetry, creative nonfiction, essays and artworks. Proceeds and royalties from each anthology benefit a number of organisations that support survivors of sexual assault, abuse, harassment and trauma. Click on the links above for more information and to purchase.