From Ashes (spoken word video)

Here is the video version of my poem ‘From Ashes’, written in Finland exactly a year ago while on residency at Arteles Creative Centre. I found a secret fireplace in my room — filled with artistic treasures — on the last day of the residency and wrote this poem as my offering. 

To read the text of this poem, click here.

To view the captions, turn on auto-captions in the settings menu in YouTube.

No April Fool (spoken word version)

This is the spoken word video version of my poem No April Fool. For the text of the poem, switch on captions in the settings on the YouTube video above, or read the text version of this poem in the post immediately below this one. If you’re interested in spoken word and poetry readings in general, check out the hashtag #InternationalPoetryCircle on Twitter. Started by poet Tara Skurtu, the circle encourages poets and poetry lovers to share their own poems, or their favourite poems, through video or print. It’s a way to positively connect through words and creativity during this immensely stressful and trying time of isolation.