Mirrors can be lovers or enemies, phony or true. They can tell you what you want to hear or reduce you to tears. How do you know which mirror is accurate? I’ve always wondered about that.


Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

I’m not a pawn to play your silly games with
My attributes were never yours to flaunt
My skills should not be used to enrage others
You plot your battle out but I’m not bought

I’m not your weapon, coward, use your fists
Your method is to maim without a bruise
To mess with heads when you triangulate
And smear us all with underhand abuse

I wasn’t yours to place on pedestals
And get smashed to the ground when you were bored
You never were the mainstay that you promised
For thirty seconds only you adored

And yet you saw such usefulness in me
My traits were those you wanted to admire
To emulate and gorge on until full
Then spit me out and plunge into quagmire

I’m not a shiny lure to catch your prey
Attract your jealous, empty-bellied fish
Those next in line or those at the same time
It’s always full, your overflowing dish

We’re never privy to your love of others
Those few of us who want you avidly
Unless we also get off on sweet pain
And build with you a twisted fantasy

Mirror repeats night (spoken word version) and the International Poetry Circle

Have you heard of the International Poetry Circle on Twitter yet? If not, click on the following tag and check it out: #InternationalPoetryCircle. The circle is the brainchild of poet and writer Tara Skurtu. She started the circle as a way for people around the world to connect during quarantine due to COVID-19. Poets from around the world are sending in videos of their work, and written versions/links to poems are encouraged also so that full accessibility and inclusivity is achieved. I’ve contributed a couple of poems that I’ve been meaning to record for a while now, and I’ll continue to record more videos over the coming days and weeks. If you’re a poetry enthusiast, but don’t actually write yourself, you can also participate by taking a video of yourself reading your favourite poems. Enjoy this marvellous poetry circle; it’s such a meaningful and real way for people to connect and a wonderful, positive outcome of the current terrifying and distancing situation. Stay safe, stay healthy, read poetry.

Above is a spoken word poetry reading of my sestina Mirror repeats night. As a musician and composer, I always conceive of my poems sonically and rhythmically, as well as linguistically. They are meant to be read aloud and heard as well as read. If you’d like to read this poem instead (or as well!) please follow this link. I will try to make all of my other poem videos more accessible over the coming days and weeks as time permits, by linking to the written versions of these poems.

Mirror pool

I never fell in love with you
I fell in love with me loving you
and loving unloveable me through you
How good it felt to love you
— unloveable you —
made loveable by me loving you
It made (the unloveable) me loveable too
all through the act of me loving you
loveable you, my self and me too

Loving you was loving me
— unloveable me —
Was love of me through abject mirror
reflecting me back onto you
and back to me
abject object
— me, you —
and how I prayed that in loving you
I was loveable too

I built self mirrors with light of love
refracted through the (dark and absent) void of you
an empty hole of a blackened self
We mirror back mirrors of my love
and mirrors of love reflect
the self and you and mirrors back to me
me too
I am loveable and no longer need you