I know from how you make me feel
You’re toxic sludge
And like to hurt me willingly
I always see the games you play
My body aches reliably
And you think I’m oblivious
Because you only see the sweet cocoon
I choose to show the world —
But can’t you see my teeth?


The grass is always green
The trees are standing still
The sky is dappled delft
The wind still blows on you

The birds are flying free
The dogs still running wild
The cats wish you weren’t home
The fish still swim upstream

The wind breathes through the trees
The sun still lights the sky
The moon illuminates
The stars still twinkle night

The birds soar in the blue
The cats and dogs still fight
The trees reach for the moon
While we sit still at home

War water

The dream it left a bitter taste
I had to coax away with food
I drank the poison meant for you
To exorcise you from my heart
A liquor built from elements dark:
Rusty nails and piss and quartz
To conjure up sweet justice sought
Ingested, gulped down willingly
I wear your cloak internally
A tiny taste of who you are
This ritual marks the start of war

Love song

I’ll take you with me in my pocket
Wrap you in a fluffy blanket
Spoon feed you a pot of junket
Lie you in a cosy casket
Love you with a golden trinket
Clear your way through spiky thicket
Serenade with shrieks of cricket
Catch the ball, defend your wicket
Paint your picket fence bright white,
in a blaze of blinding light —
I’ll simmer you a tender brisket
Fetched today from local market
Anything for you: just ask it
Let me take you in my basket

Summer almost passed me by

Summer almost passed me by
Was here a few short days
Such lively beams she shone on me
Until we parted ways

So fleetingly she visited
That cold now fills my bones
Attention to me limited
By what she needs at home

I know my time will come again
When sunbeams shake off night
Revealing summer’s sustenance
And gift of loving light

No superheroes


The days now pass without much to define
All hope of progress halts, is now in doubt
When will it cease, this endless pause of time?
The stagnant wait is now what life’s about
We don our masks and faces disappear
No superheroes in this viral world
Fine particles are airborne, cause just fear
And added risk all wits will come unfurled
Hostilities and protests emanate
In city streets and on the internet
Tense waves of pain and tension escalate
Debates are full of ugly epithets
For humans to survive this dreaded scourge
We must unite or greater be the purge