When God Was a Woman (spoken word audio version)

This is the spoken word audio version of my poem When God Was a Woman, which I recorded especially for iamb last year. You can also read the text of the poem here.

Summer almost passed me by

Summer almost passed me by
Was here a few short days
Such lively beams she shone on me
Until we parted ways

So fleetingly she visited
That cold now fills my bones
Attention to me limited
By what she needs at home

I know my time will come again
When sunbeams shake off night
Revealing summer’s sustenance
And gift of loving light


Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

I’m not a pawn to play your silly games with
My attributes were never yours to flaunt
My skills should not be used to enrage others
You plot your battle out but I’m not bought

I’m not your weapon, coward, use your fists
Your method is to maim without a bruise
To mess with heads when you triangulate
And smear us all with underhand abuse

I wasn’t yours to place on pedestals
And get smashed to the ground when you were bored
You never were the mainstay that you promised
For thirty seconds only you adored

And yet you saw such usefulness in me
My traits were those you wanted to admire
To emulate and gorge on until full
Then spit me out and plunge into quagmire

I’m not a shiny lure to catch your prey
Attract your jealous, empty-bellied fish
Those next in line or those at the same time
It’s always full, your overflowing dish

We’re never privy to your love of others
Those few of us who want you avidly
Unless we also get off on sweet pain
And build with you a twisted fantasy

iamb wave four

Photos of twenty poets featured in iamb wave four

iamb is the brainchild of poet Mark Antony Owen and is, in his own words, “part library of poets, part quarterly journal[…] ‘iamb’ is where established and emerging talents are showcased side by side. Not just their words, but their readings of them.”

November 1 saw the launch of iamb wave four, a collection of 60 poems by 20 living poets. The poems appear in both written form and as audio recordings, alongside profiles of each poet.

I was lucky enough to be included in iamb’s fourth wave, along with some very qualified, published and awarded poets. As a fledgling, self-taught poet, I feel particularly honoured to be part of wave four of iamb.

To read and listen to the recordings of my three poems and view my iamb profile, click here. You can check out the rest of wave four here, and while you’re at iamb, please do explore the previous waves of poets featured there. Mark also has a dedicated section on his SoundCloud channel of all the iamb audio recordings, if you prefer to listen to your poetry.

iamb is a wonderful poetry project and repository, and has been beautifully curated, styled and presented by Mark Antony Owen. Please do take the time to visit it.

(iamb image courtesy of Mark Antony Owen – used with permission)