Butterfly kisses


I lie on the grass
And look up at the stars
But only in my imagination
They are so clear there
My mind works in space
Among the flotsam and infinity

I walk up and down
Heels stomping
Heavily preparing for a sleep
That may never take me
Nibbling chocolates absent-mindedly
I am suckling Read More

flotsam jetsam

When your constellation is not as it seems
it should be; like
it is for others, who speak of us and we
but don’t include me. Yet together they are
aimless, like flotsam drifting
on pulsing wavelets, further and further
out into the vast nothingness and
forever into the further
until it all breaks apart

…seems like we are drifting further and further apart.

Your Eyes

You came in the back
And stood in the doorway
Rounded frame cloaked in pink
Late-middle aged
Well heeled nobly postured
Curls lustrous bronze grey
Movie-star set yet
Tousled with insouciance
Run through by nervous fingers
Though I know not why
Your eyes like ponds
Muddy hazel green and wet
I hadn’t seen you in forever
So I ran and I slid
On socks over wood
To be at your side
To hug you with gusto
And kiss both your cheeks
Each plump rounded apple
While gripping your arms
As if I could stop you
From leaving again
Your hands olive-tan
Softly creased by time
Reached out for mine
And stroked them with love
My rough fingers polished
By your aged chamois leather Read More