I went outside to look at the moon —
she was hidden behind the clouds
but the point is:
there was a moat around my pain
still enough for me to remember
to look outside myself Read More

Mad woman soothsayer

Mad woman soothsayer
says not much
thinks she speaks truth
but chain-vomits nervous
words like wasps
buzzing with angry self-righteousness
while in reality
they ask only of each other
Who do we attack?
Where is our home?
How do we protect the queen?

(and they seek out sugar to sweeten the deal)

The Carapace

Her army is formidable
It surrounds and protects her
In the open field
In which she stands
Alone and wild
While encircled by legions
Her army is en garde
She has trained them
To expect the enemy
To be ever vigilant
To trust no-one
And to always fight
To always defend
She is vividly vulnerable Read More