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Did you know Feminist Confessional has a YouTube channel? The channel is a repository of more than 80 spoken word poetry videos, most of which were written by Melita White, as well as a handful of poems by well-known poets. If you enjoy the videos, please subscribe. You can find the Feminist Confessional YouTube channel here, or click on the image above.

Mother’s Day

For the women out there who cannot be biological mothers (but want to be) and for those of you who have been through pregnancy loss. My thoughts and love are with you today.

Feminist Confessional

The blood
Marks me
As a woman incapable
Of mothering
Every moon

On cruciform sanitary pad
Growing stain
Reminding me
Of my irrelevance

I bleed internally
From excess womb
Invisible wound
Evidenced by bloated belly
Looks ripe but is empty

Embattled within
No red cross protects me
From enemy fire
I haemorrhage with ease
And lose credibility

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Mother’s Day Slam

Mother’s Day Slam, a poem for those of you who find Mother’s Day difficult. You are in my thoughts.

Feminist Confessional

And so on this most feel-good of tributary days, on the day of the deification of The Mother and all that is maternal, loving, warm, caring, nurturing, selfless, giving and kind, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

To those who were unmothered, who were ignored, abandoned, abused, subsumed, repressed, oppressed, used, treated as a friend, or a play-thing or a no-thing.

To those who grew up without role models, so that a mother means mean and selfish and distracted and childish and foolish and unpredictable and explosive.

To those who mothered and continue to mother themselves, though without the guidance of role models do an imperfect job, alternately indulging the self ‘s every whim and punishing it with endless barrages of internal criticism.

To those who mother others, but not necessarily themselves. To those who had the mother-child role reversed, and learned to play carer, nurturer, listener, genie-in-a-bottle-granter-of-wishes, not…

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heart head gut by Melita White

My latest poem, heart head gut, published on Whisper and the Roar

Whisper and the Roar

heart says:
this is good
will heal wounds
subconscious drives heart
subterranean rumbles
seemingly seamless with self
fuels ecstasy
fired by heart
which always agrees
always says
yes please
i am flying
and i want
fill up the more
with still more
i beg you
yearnings come from heart
urges cravings
stoke want need
desire for skin
softly melts
swells lips
mood set aloft
wants to soar

heart ignores head
head is distant
head is cold
i’m the boss
your filter
valorised by humanity
by vain argument
of capability
denial of need
my specialty
but use me
and i’ll keep you
head looks for neat sums
that feel complete
but rarely come

gut knows best
shocks and churns
in instant response
to threat
knows head is slow
to catch up
language and logic
its speed bumps
and heart too quick

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I was a mountain by Melita White

My latest poem, ‘I was a mountain’, published on Whisper and the Roar, a feminist literary collective.

Whisper and the Roar


One day, when I was six, I became a mountain
It was the day I yelled and screamed with righteousness into thick air, the air my only witness, while I sat on my bed’s soft bedrock
And with my pillow I swiped at that air, at the bed, at the enemy sitting next to me — her name was Injustice
And the rage burst out like lava from a fissure that needed so much to crack open and Injustice was afraid of me and though the lesson did not teach her anything I learnt there was power in truth and in my anger
I was a mountain

To freeze is not to escape but is to survive by staying still
A fawn is a baby deer but it also means to play along so someone doesn’t kill you
To flee is to run away from danger and escape
And to…

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Uncommon Woman Manifesto

Brave & Reckless

the world keeps reminding me
that it is important
that I be loud
that I be passionate
that I be unapologetic
that I take up space
I have mourned
innocence lost
and now choose
to embrace my rage
wear it across my body
a bandoleer
when the world lies
and tells me
that racism
disregard for human life
is acceptable
I will speak truth
I will not be silenced
I will not be still
I will not be complicit
and I will only smile
if I damn well
feel like it

© 2016 Revised 2020 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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Predator by Melita White

My latest poem, Predator, published on Whisper and The Roar, a collective of feminist poets.

Whisper and the Roar


A smile that’s too large
A look in the eye
Too intense, unblinking
The predator spots his prey
A shifty glance sideways
Evasive, furtive
A question ignored
Or answered too late
That too-soon bonding
With sickly sweet compliments
So many superlatives
And nothing adds up
None of his story
Avoidance, so much
His responses don’t fit
You know it, you do
Now trust it, trust you
And if you’re not sure
Just wait, you’ll see
Something will happen
A sign, an event
This thing will make sense
Of all of your doubts
And heed it you must
For it’s the sign you were right all along
And this is the lesson
It is the great learning
The one that you weren’t taught when young
Leaving you open and prey to all
But especially open those who profess
To like you the most, to like you the best
And offer…

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The Body

The Body, a reflection on self and overcoming trauma through the body. My latest poem on Whisper and the Roar.

Whisper and the Roar

by Melita White

The body wants to move
wants to reinhabit itself
it wants to play
To bend arc writhe and double with grace and ease
The body lets go
It also gets tired
and stiff and it aches
The body takes up more space than the other bodies do
It is majestic and has presence
Full of symbolism and reference
it represents fundamental truths
cruel ironies and distortions
The body is encumbered
Yet extends beyond boundaries
The body is boundless

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trust women- Melita White

Trust Women. Women are all kinds of wonderful. Here’s my latest poem on Whisper and the Roar collective.

Whisper and the Roar

trust women
for they know things
like how to listen
and how to draw you out
they help you feel normal
for committing the mistakes
a normal woman makes
they help you reveal
all the shame
you learnt to conceal
long ago

trust women
to tell you the hard truth
show you new perspectives
reveal back to you
your world
one that is
clearer, fairer and kinder
or harsher, meaner, more unjust —
whichever the case may be

trust women
to protect you
beyond their professional duties
they might slip in a phrase or two
that is more sage or friendly
than it ought to be
and if you listen carefully
you will hear it
and if you choose to
you can heed it

trust women
the covert coven of women
dispersed secret members
initiated unknowingly at birth
a network of wisdom
an underground rail-road
of waiting women
ready to…

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