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Feminist Confessional has had a rather significant edit. You will find a few of my older poems and spoken word videos towards the top of the blog, instead of in chronological order. This is a result of me culling and then republishing certain posts (silly WordPress won’t let them appear in their original order). You can find my most recent work just a little way down the page… keep on scrolling bravely, Dear Reader.

New & Recent Publications

My friend Greg Luce is a fabulous poet and you can catch up on all his latest (and forthcoming) poems and poetry news here. I highly recommend you follow Greg’s blog while you’re at it too.


I have received word from Kelsay Books, that my new collection, Riffs and Improvisations, will be published this coming May. In the meantime, here are some new and recent publications.

Some Scene4 columns: A review of Megan Alpert’s excellent poetry collection The Animal by Your Side. Space Is Still the Place about the music of Sun Ra. How to Poem

I have two poems in the latest issue of ArLiJo:

I have a poem in this excellent anthology. Order here:

I have two poems in this lovely collection of poems byArlington, VA, writers. For more information and to order:

Three poems in Gargoyle 73. Get a copy here:

Stay tuned for more news and reading announcements.

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Book Review of “The Kali Project” by Melita White of Feminist Confessional #TheKaliProject #BookReview

Megha's World

A brilliant and breathtaking #review of the #anthology The Kali Project
by the utterly talented Melita White of Feminist Confessional.Please read the review to know more about the anthology and the fierce and powerful voices it carries.

You can read the review here

Melita’s work has also been published in the anthologiesYou Are Not YourRape,We Will Not Be Silenced, andAs The World Burns: Writers and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad. Her work has also featured on blogsWhisper and The Roar(of which she is a contributing member),Brave & RecklessandAnimal Heart Press. Melita is part ofwave four of iamb, an online library/journal of contemporary poetry. Visit the blogPerfume Polytechnicto read Melita’s extensive writing on fragrance and olfaction. Melita is also a spoken word artist; if you’re interested, visit her Feminist ConfessionalYouTube…

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So many uncomfortable feelings — Melita White

So many uncomfortable feelings, and my thoughts on how to deal with them, published just now at Whisper and the Roar.

Whisper and the Roar

So many uncomfortable feelings
What shall I do with them?
This one I’ll avoid, catch a bullet train away from
This one I’ll shove in a drawer, tightly, amongst my worn-out knickers
This one I’ll stuff down my throat, with a cinnamon bun to chase it
This one I’ll hide up a tree for later, amongst the ripening fruit
This one curls me up, like a newborn babe in terror
This one I’ll push high inside, right up near my cervix
This one I’ll pass on to you, contagious miasma of melancholy
This one I’ll let ignite me, set my jaw on fire
This one makes me buy things:
This thing makes me feel worthy, and that thing makes me feel loved, and this thing makes me look thin, and that thing makes me feel rich, and this one means I belong, and that one brings me peace, and this…

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stretching is painful
letting go of the tension
protective armour
my muscles hold on
they need me to be ready
to fight you or flee
inscribed bodily
these ossified memories
scream out for release

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar: Vale Helen Reddy

Vale Helen Reddy, Australian singer and feminist icon, who passed away today, aged 78. My poem, Shrill, was influenced by Reddy’s feminist anthem I am Woman, and the last line is a direct reference to Reddy’s song. I am Woman was a hit only a few years before I was born. It was ground breaking and trail blazing and contained a radical political message for its time. Reddy helped encourage women to not only speak up and speak out, but to roar. Please enjoy my tribute to Helen Reddy.

To read the text for this poem, please click here. You can also watch this video with captions. Please switch them on in the settings menu in YouTube.

No superheroes

I wrote this poem prior to the second lockdown in Victoria, Australia in August 2020. Little did I know then that the pause would be elongated so very much. Somehow this poem seems more relevant as time continues to pass without a vaccine or an end in sight.

Feminist Confessional


The days now pass without much to define
All hope of progress halts, is now in doubt
When will it cease, this endless pause of time?
The stagnant wait is now what life’s about
We don our masks and faces disappear
No superheroes in this viral world
Fine particles are airborne, cause just fear
And added risk all wits will come unfurled
Hostilities and protests emanate
In city streets and on the internet
Tense waves of pain and tension escalate
Debates are full of ugly epithets
For humans to survive this dreaded scourge
We must unite or greater be the purge

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Feminist Confessional YouTube Channel

Now with over 90 videos! Have you visited the Feminist Confessional YouTube channel yet?

Feminist Confessional

Did you know Feminist Confessional has a YouTube channel? The channel is a repository of more than 80 spoken word poetry videos, most of which were written by Melita White, as well as a handful of poems by well-known poets. If you enjoy the videos, please subscribe. You can find the Feminist Confessional YouTube channel here, or click on the image above.

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