Melbourne & Victoria Floods: Merri Creek

I shot this footage this afternoon at various points along Merri Creek in inner city Melbourne.

The creek reached a moderate, peak level of 4 metres in the early hours of October 14. It rarely floods like this in Victoria and very rarely in Melbourne. The entire state has been on alert for the past two days and many towns and suburbs in the state have been affected, with some quite seriously flooded. Floodwaters still have not peaked in some areas and we’ve been warned to expect more of this for the next 6-8 weeks.

Thankfully I’ve not been personally affected by the floods at this stage, but they are affecting such a vast amount of the state that this could change at any time. The Yarra River (Birrarung) is tipped to peak this evening in inner city Melbourne, which could affect many. The Maribyrnong River peaked earlier today in suburban Melbourne, flooding many homes and businesses.

I’ve never seen such a vast area of the state at risk of being affected by a natural disaster all at once. It’s truly shocking to be part of and it really feels like there might be no escaping flooding of some sort, if not now, in the coming weeks.