Mirror pool

I never fell in love with you
I fell in love with me loving you
and loving unloveable me through you
How good it felt to love you
— unloveable you —
made loveable by me loving you
It made (the unloveable) me loveable too
all through the act of me loving you
loveable you, my self and me too

Loving you was loving me
— unloveable me —
Was love of me through abject mirror
reflecting me back onto you
and back to me
abject object
— me, you —
and how I prayed that in loving you
I was loveable too

I built self mirrors with light of love
refracted through the (dark and absent) void of you
an empty hole of a blackened self
We mirror back mirrors of my love
and mirrors of love reflect
the self and you and mirrors back to me
me too
I am loveable and no longer need you


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