Mother Gaia is on fire


Mother Gaia is on fire
In her womb it burns and twists
Her flood of blood our exit wound
We are haemorrhaging
Caia Caecilia, goddess of fire
Protector of women
And hearth of home, container of fire
(Element of Gaia)
Save us all by shrinking flames
Create a heart(h) for our home
Our Mother Gaia
Contain the flames
But let the fire fuel our fight
Let it stay in our hearts
But not destroy us
Our anger’s bright
Our anger’s the thing that fuels the fight

While Gaia twists in uterine torsion
The head of her baby is squashed and dead
The brains of our leaders no longer work
They protect the tumour instead of the source
High ranking socios, psychos and pimps
They dance with the devil
In the dark of the shadows
Strangers to light they wander blind
Like moles out of tunnels
Can’t see what’s right

Let’s cauterise capitalism
It’s a cancer that feeds misogyny
It feeds the greed of entitled scum
Devoid of love and of all empathy
Rewarding themselves with trophy wives
While the (m)otherness of our landscape dies
Mother Gaia is a m(other)
She’s a woman and she’s on fire
Burn the witch at the stake
We don’t need women
Unless they bear us strong boy children
To make us more money
To swell our egos and hubris and wealth
Keep the factories going
Where the other works
Where the other bleeds
Is enslaved and tortured
To feed the greed
Of the fat white slug called misogyny

While Gaia burns and the people flee
Thousands run for the water
Red wash fills the sky
Armageddon is here
Stop the fucking lies
We can see with our eyes
That the day has come
To overthrow scum —
Let’s cut out the tumour
And save our home


  1. Melissa Corbett · January 1

    Wow! This is a really powerful piece. The anger is visceral, but everything you have said here is the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • FeministConfessional · January 1

      Thanks Melissa. I’m finding anger is helping me express myself with passion and clarity and I think it’s an emotion that more women need to explore expressing in constructive ways. It’s a great emotion for mobilising the self and groups also. We have much to do and much to be angry about. 🤜


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