This little safe house


This little safe house
Is quiet and still
As her lungs breathe out
Her chimney smokes
Her curtains are drawn
She is warm inside
And her belly is full
She is light aglow
Flames shimmer and pop
Shadows dance and relax
They wriggle and worm
Collapse and subside
As her fire dies down
Down, down
A hiss of steam
And a puff of smoke
As she slips into darkness
Though not for long
A spark ignites
She’s aflame again
She is safe again
She is safe in herself
This little safe house
Her roof is sound
And keeps out the weather
Like a smooth hard hat
And the windows too
They keep out the wind
Which threatens to rattle
And all is warm and safe within
And outside the house
There’s a circle, a ring
Of golden light
To keep goodness within
And predators out
And the trees are tall
And circle her skin
They keep monsters out
And goodness within
They keep danger out
And safety in

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