The dream of a golden ring

I dreamt I lost my rings of gold
Those circles that resemble self
The ones I bought to marry me
I put them down while seeking others
Bright new selves to replace the old
I felt such panic when I lost the rings
The ones I discarded to try on the new
And looking down at ten slim digits
Saw foreign rings upon my fingers
All thin and made of matte plain silver
One engraved with an alien script
Code for a language I’ve yet to learn
And you were there, lurking as you do
Sitting on the red plush couch
Vulnerable as a hungry vulture
Childlike smile glued to your face
Sometimes I pity as I witness you
Kill the things you claim to love
So blind to your trail of self-destruction
And deaf and dumb and mute, removed
And of course you vanished
When I searched for my rings
Went searching for self — how apt
I never did find them and you weren’t my answer
I replaced you both anew

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