fall apart then overcome
feel good and
strong as my will
does not

I will not succumb
to my death not I
no never and not
but small waves overcome
when my tears will
fall and

when strength and
sorrow succumb
the wetness will
run and I
feel overcome
though it feels not

right and it feels not
wrong and
the breath overcomes
while to tears I succumb
and bathe in their stream I
arise once again and will

strengthen my will
build with stone and not
water I
breathe and hold tight and
refuse to succumb
and to feel overcome

yet to be overcome
this will
surely repeat the urge to succumb
though it feels not
safe nor right nor wrong and
things fall apart and I

feel overcome not
through force of will and
to tears I succumb and reset — who am I?

I overcome (and will not succumb)


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