When you think about her know this:
never doubt she remains unbroken.
She knows of your iniquitous ring,
the circle you move in of
characters unsound, not solid.
Do not trust those who wear teeth of gold.

But on her hand a band of gold
fits snugly to finger and symbolises this:
a perdurable self-bond with tenure so solid
it remains forever unbroken.
Until her lungs shed their last sigh of
life, she will wear this one true ring.

Don’t underestimate the power of this ring
to remind her that she can shine like gold,
that she is of this world and worthy of
love and she knows this.
Never doubt that she is unbroken
nor that her love for herself is solid.

Your insincere bonds are brittle, not solid;
you lurk together in a shady ring.
Don’t think that it will remain unbroken
for the man who wears the teeth of gold
doesn’t care for this.
He will shock you with his lack of

mercy, he will slaughter and rob you of
all that feels solid.
She knows this:
that enemies lurk within your ring
and that shadows cannot conceal her gold.
Though the circle of evil is as yet unbroken

it is brittle and fragile, can’t remain unbroken.
The one that can break it speaks of
courage and nous, wears breastplate of gold
and has morals as solid
as an endless ring,
a powerful circle this

unbroken and solid
symbol of her, a perpetual ring
of gold is this.


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