With you there is no grey
nor is there black or white
There is only the elemental
eternal combustion
Where fission becomes fusion
becomes fission again
But energy is constant
no matter the state
of togetherness
or not
of our atoms

Alchemy –-
muck turns into gold
We are melding and molten,
we shine and we shimmer
There can be no dullness
in such compatibility
Our only quiet moments
are those of shared sadness:
When we know we will be split,
when we know there will be fission

But there is the ever-present us:
a growing comfort
in the knowledge of that
A monolith is forming
from our combined atoms
Heavy and solid,
earthy yet vibrant
Our crystals align
and fuse:

Our tectonic plates
collide with friction
We are trying to glue Gondwana back together
Microclimates have formed
on the continents that are us
Similar yet subtly distinct
from a lifetime apart
We speak the same tongue
but different dialects
We gain understanding
with language
of what is already understood
with our bodies

Atoms, time and history combine –-
create the elemental
timelessness of us
Together we heal fissures
in the bedrock of our souls
with liquid gold:
The beauty of the broken
repaired with golden scars
Visible and glimmering
There is beauty in pain
at last
and in the fusion of us

You are my starburst
and together we’ll form a galaxy


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