Body Tales I: Crowded Changeroom

Post high school gym session
Crowded changeroom
Late 1987
We are thirteen
Newly body conscious
Rapidly budding and spurting
Skin stretching
Hairs hatching
Smells embarrassing
Emma wears an apricot unitard
We are impressed
The rest of us
In regulation navy shorts
And white t-shirts
My shorts are long
And my t-shirt baggy
Loose enough to aim
Impulse Body Spray
Through open armholes
A fine misty mix
Of powdery musky smells
Chokes virgin nostrils
Shrill shrieks and chatter
Erupt nervously
As we shyly
Change back into
Striped school dresses
Buckle sensible shoes
And head out to lunch
One by one
And in groups
While those that remain
Ponder the question
“Who has the best body?”

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