Her army is formidable
It surrounds and protects her
In the open field
In which she stands
Alone and wild
While encircled by legions
Her army is en garde
She has trained them
To expect the enemy
To be ever vigilant
To trust no-one
And to always fight
To always defend
She is vividly vulnerable
A distressed damsel
Dressed in white
Pale hair streaming
Eyes wide darting
Feet pace nervously
Breath ever quickening
The enemy is close
Her army encloses her
Cold and hard
Chain mail armour
Metal helmets
Gleaming and repellant
Her army forms a steel fortress
Spikes ready
Pointing outwards
The imminent danger
Approaches always


9 thoughts on “The Carapace

    1. Oh, but I wish it wasn’t. I find it so hard to relate to people with my guard always up. It’s exhausting and probably unnecessary, in reality. It impacts on intimacy and trust. It’s the result of decades of abuse and trauma and I wish I could wave it away with a magic wand. I’m tired, truth be told, of myself and the barriers I put up.


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