Silence was my muse
But with you
My words are rainbow streamers
Hurtling out of open mouth
They shuttle, spiral skywards
You invite them and you catch them
With your mind and with your tongue
And respond in kind
With sweet mellow timpani pulses
Your words a steady beat
They cadence and they pause
Sweep upwards with inflections
Struck firm upon taught skin
Stretched tight on golden timber
Like your hair, like your soul
And always the surprise
Of your questions
That stretch me
Again my words they flow
Unstoppable Babel babble
But it seems that you can hear me
Rainbow streamers uncurling
Megaphone mouth broadcasting
Silenced only by staccatissimo shock
Of revelation
Dissonance halts lush blending
Overtones are thrown off
Like difference tones that rub the brain
Two people can create a third entity
Notes so pure they create offspring
An aural illusion or the real thing?


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