I kissed you in my dream
Serena Joy
You wore a prim green dress
Pale hair smoothed back and up
Chignon like a knot roll
At the nape of your neck
Cheek bones curved and carved
Your sculpted skull
Undulating with rounded hills
And angular valleys
Ice cold
You said “let’s try”
“Let’s see how the other kisses”
Neither of us liking
Too much tongue
Neither of us liking
How men kiss
Our faces drew close
Mine rounder than yours
More lunar than landscape
My sphere to your peaks and troughs
Moist cool air inhaled
Balmy breath exhaled
Through flared nostrils
And with an itchy dry stickiness
Our lips parted
Then met together
Tongue tips teasing
Wet warm lips
Pressing and pursing
Rubbing and grasping
It felt exactly equal
We kissed the same
A sublime mirror of self
But you withdrew
Drew in a sharp breath
And with disgust
Turned down the corners
Of your sodden beautiful mouth
Met my eyes with a mean hard stare
And told me
I had used too much tongue
That I had too much lingua
Too much language
My wordy, wayward tongue
Had slobbered all over
Your precious, pious tongue
Your prissy, punishing tongue
Your spartan, silenced tongue
Your green dress
The colour of your tongue’s envy
Of my own, free and full
You accused me of spreading sedition like a virus
My saliva the carrier
Your mouth the receptacle
I stood back and shook
From rage and rejection
Your cutting criticism scalding
I felt betrayed
After absorbing you
After melting together
After merging

Your hot-cold vacillations
Shock my spirit
And slice my tongue
Arrest my ability to respond
You are not very serene
Nor very joyful


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