Pneumatic drill through concrete
Dirt laid bare and dug
Artefacts uncovered
Shards of buried memories
How deep will they go?

Peeling back onion skin
I catch its flesh with blade
Strip layer back from layer
Each stratum reveals the next
Will I ever reach the core?

Deep-diving without oxygen
Lungs of a pearl diver
How long can I remain
In this salty aqua womb —
How deep is the ocean anyway?

Mine shaft drops, subterranean
Dark and dank, disused
Tunnels spider outwards
Gold is in these walls
Will I ever spot it?

Scab upon my knee
Chiselled off with dirty nails
New pink skin underneath
A drop of blood emerges
From the deep

Note on the title:
Träumerei is German for dreaming, daydreaming or a reverie.
Trauma is the Greek word for wound.

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