A – Awkward admiration. That felt nice.
B – I want you. Do you want me too?
C – A crush just before high school.
D – Double demons. Name twins. Debauchery, deception and drugs.
E – An internet admirer.
F – Father, you tried to protect me.
G – Remember that night your ex stalked us at the pub?
H – Him.
I – I dreamed you would be mine, mister movie star.
J – You made my skin crawl.
K – I was the woman of your dreams. Tears and daffodils.
L – Lust, longing and lunacy.
M – Cowboy boots and tumbling curls, oh my!
N – Never again.
O – Open relationships, one-sided.
P – Forbidden desire, is the feeling mutual?
Q – You said I had nice legs.
R – I wonder who knows?
S – I’ll sit in the corner with you and hold your hand.
T – I don’t love you but I have a green condom.
U – Emotionally unavailable.
V – Virginity, lost in the maelstrom.
W – When you woke me up with your weight and your wetness.
X – Mr X factor.
Y – Why, why, why, why, why?
Z – The end of desire.


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