On fair weekends
Tiny planes fly over
A thousand bare acres of farm
Echoed in endless expanse of sky
Blue dome, cloudless, radiant sun

A nasal hum alerts me
Eyes roll skywards, chin follows, throat stretches
I spot a giant white bird up there
Buzzing, traversing blue

Suddenly, a stutter: pppp  pp  ppp   p    p


Bottom falls out of sound
Will big bird fall back to earth?

I visualise free fall
Spiralling nosedive
Exploding fireballs
9/11: insane planes and unprecedented shock
Crash, implode, crumble
Will I have to rescue the pilot?

But the plane still clings to the sky
Is it gliding?
A brief moment: weightless and pure
Easy and clear
Silent and holy
Like falling off a skyscraper
Towards eternity
Towards ghosts and old friends past
Towards home

p    pp  p     pppl    plpplp p splutters,
Becomes a smooth hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Continuous sound and unbroken movement
Flight resumes
And we are alive

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