…by a thread

Life ring
Towed behind a battleship
Someone inside
They trail behind

Thought bubbles without thoughts
Brain resolves to stay in bed
Thinking hurts

Speech balloons
Empty and silent
Voice gone mute
No ears to listen

Balloon on a string
Lighter than air
Threatened by wind
A small girl holds on

Quotation marks
No words between
Flipped over casually
Yin and yang encase blank space

Proof of potential
Of marked metamorphosis
Wriggling, I hold its tail

Sperm, tadpole’s doppelgänger
Swimming inside me
Penetrating the core
Of a decades-old egg

Baby in sac
Attached by a cord
Spooky floating alien
Searching for a planet
A place to land

Dam wall to the blood flood
The alien dies
I remove you by a thread

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