Golden Boy

Last night I dreamt
As I often do
That you came to visit
You were important
As always
The centre of attention
There was a gathering to celebrate you
Your magnificent you-ness
Your golden hair
Your monumental stance
Your creative mastery
People were milling around
Eating and drinking
Mirthful and murmuring

I approached, gingerly
Much older than when you last saw me
Less me than ever before
Wondering if you would recognise me
Pondering if you would notice me
And share your time
Your specialness
With me
In that moment
Of cavernous doubt
You broke away from company
And caught my eyes with yours
Tilting your head a little
Querying my face for a second
Then all of a sudden
Your whole body smiled
Your arms energetic levers
Thrusting instantly towards my torso
Swiftly encircling me and
Lifting me up
In one gesture
Off the ground
And I kicked my legs up
Behind me
With the freedom and rapture
Of a small child
And then you gently set me back down again

I commented self-consciously
About my heaviness
And how that must have been hard
And though you politely smiled
And giggled
You also looked baffled
Because it wasn’t
It wasn’t hard at all
You had lifted me up
As if I were a feather
A dry autumn leaf
A volcanic rock
Almost weightless
Yet heavy with love
Burdened with beauty
You had seen me
And known me
And you lifted me up
Then gently set me down again
To Earth

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  1. Melita Lara · March 31, 2018

    Reblogged this on Perfume Polytechnic and commented:

    My latest poem on my new blog Melita Lara. About a recurring dream, old love, self-doubt, being seen, and joy. I hope you enjoy it. If you like my poetry, you might like to follow my new blog:


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