Am I a jack-in-the-box
Colourfully attracting
With joyful play-acting
Singing sweet melodies
Springing forth
“Hey, it’s me!”
Happy to proclaim
To emote, to assert
Then shoved down by the head
Til I’m wound up again
Cranked and forced
Without stop
In and out of my box?

Or am I a small burrowing mammal
A mole perhaps?
Rarely seeing light of day
While I tunnel away
Turning mole hills into mountains
A poisonous pest
A staunch feminist
Starved of oxygen, companionship
I thrive
And kill my prey with toxic saliva

Am I predator
Or am I prey?
Dare these words of mine
Ever feel OK?
Emotions like acne
Just hidden
Beneath smooth surface of skin
Infection rupturing
Better that than
Self imploding

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