Last night I dreamt I breast-fed a kitten. I had never breast-fed anything before. The kitten had started off as a human baby in my arms, tiny, as babies often are when newborn, tinier than you remember or think they should ever be. The baby was wobbly and vulnerable and hungry, with sparse, soft dark hair skimming its head. Then, as I held it up to my nipple to feed it, the baby turned into a grey-and-white kitten, with white stripes on its face and oversized eyes and ears. It licked at the tip of my nipple with its velcro-rough tongue, scratching and tickling me. The kitten then placed its paws on my nipple, one on each side, and stroked it gently with its pink toes, back and forth, to get the milk flowing. I was startled to see milk spurt out from my breast towards the floor. I was startled to know I could do this.


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